Saturday, September 22, 2012


 10 MONTHS!! 
Weight: 20.10 lbs (50%)
Height: 29 1/4 in (50%)
I've been avoiding posting (and being lazy about posting) because every time I think about how big my little guy is, I can hardly stand it. This little boy has completely stolen my heart. He is learning so much! In the past few weeks he's learned how to crawl! I really thought it would never happen. He also pulls himself up on everything and is now taking the chair pictured and pushing it around while walking! This is a huge accomplishment. This poor fella didn't even know his legs could move until about a month ago. They were just limp limbs that got in the way of everything. 

I love his sweet personality. He knows how to make us smile! Really all he has to do is flash those dimples. Holy heart breaker. If we say "Come here, sweetie!" When he's sad, he crawls on over with his big ol pouty lip and snuggles you. He's still sensitive and sweet. If I tell him no with any kind of force the poor fella breaks down and cries. Then I wanna break down a cry. He's got the sad face down to an art I tell ya. 

We love having him in our family. He's getting so much better about sleeping through the night (THANK GOODNESS!!!!). He goes from 7-12 and nurses then 12:15-7. Its a great leap of awesomeness from a month ago when he was still up every 2.5-3 hours (most of the time). 

We've started the big ONE birthday plans! Hopefully this little sweetie will stay sweet for the rest of forever. We LOVE you JARED! 


Simply Sarah *K* said...

That first pic of him in his glasses is my fave! What a sweetie!! Can't believe it will be a year soon!

Jennilee said...

holy crap that was a gay sleeping pattern until just recently!! glad things continue to get better!! hes adorable!!