Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just Marlee

Since we have church at 1 this year, I find it pretty easy to wait until Saturday night to prepare my lesson for YW's  the next day. I l.o.v.e. teaching these girls. When I'm prompted to ask the right questions, or share the stories/scriptures/videos it feels like the girls may need to hear-great things come of it.
Tomorrow our lesson is on repentance. It seems as if we cover this topic a lot. With our new teaching curriculum  we are able to choose which lesson we feel like would fit best out of quite a few. I, for some crazy reason, decided to read over this lesson.... Even though I feel like sometimes this topic could be related to "beating a dead horse". (seriously? who came up with that saying? it's horrible.) Anyway, after watching one video from the outline, I was sucked in.

I love that we have the opportunity to repent of things we do wrong. I've been horrible at asking for forgiveness from every day things for most of my life. Until I was older, I really thought repentance was only for the 'big' things. So I'm sure I have a list a mile long (or about 18 years long) of things my Heavenly Father is waiting on me to repent of. That's kind of scary, huh? Not really. HE knows my heart. I'm so thankful I have that opportunity.
I took family for granted a whole lot growing up. I knew I loved them, but did I really try all that hard to like them? Not enough. Now that I have a little family of my own, I am so grateful for forgiveness. I would literally give anything for them. Even my pride in the mistakes I make and the judgments I pass.
  I love them
And one thing I've learned is because I love them so much, I push my pride aside and get things taken care of that need to be taken care of.
By no means does this make me feel like "the bigger person" and in no way am I a shining example of what every person should be. I am just Marlee. But I know I'm a daughter of God and that he's rooting for me. And that, a long with repentance, makes this life a whole lot easier.


Danielle said...

uh, can you just come teach my lesson? seriously! you're amazing.

Debbie MacDonnell said...

I love it when one of my children "gets it" on some level about something I really hoped they would learn. Every kids takes their family for don't beat yourself up about that. I love who you've turned out to be...and who I think you'll continue to become. Should I just start calling you "sherri dew" now??? ;)

the Gospel is a wonderful thing. and you'll realize that at new levels as you get older, and older...I know from experience.


Simply Sarah *K* said...

I love this whole post, but especially that last line: He's rooting for me. What a beautiful visual! These girls (and myself) are lucky to have you in their lives!!