Monday, June 17, 2013

Décembre 2012

Hello old friends, it's been a while. Do you ever keep a journal? I've kept one off and on since I was little. It's so funny to go back and read them because every 3 pages or so my entry starts out with "Hello old friend, it's been a while. Sorry about that." Anyway- I digress. 

It's a little past time to finish off last years posts. This one will be all of December, minus Christmas Eve and Day. 

Our December was just as crazy as the rest. We have lots of family around, lots of birthdays, fun parties, great dates and so on and so forth. So lets start from the top:

 This little fella, Fred, made his debut in our home this year. I know these are trendy and kind of weird, but I love our Fred! It was SO fun to have Abby wake up each morning and find him. Sure she didn't quite understand the concept yet and maybe some{most} nights Fred was too tired to move to another place, but it was fun. I can't wait to pull him out again next...errr this year. 

We also got to meet up with some friends at Bethlehem Revisited. I love this tradition. It's super fun to step back into the time when Christ was born. It's a wonderful way to revisit the reason for the season. I highly recommend going! It's lots of fun for the kids, especially to see all the animals and the marketplace.
 We bought and decorated our Christmas tree! I LOVE having a real tree. Paul still pushes to get a fake tree every year, but it's just too much fun to go pick one out and to have the awesome smell in our home. 
 At our ward Christmas party we saw SANTA! The real one, I'm sure. The kids weren't big fans. Stranger danger I guess. Just leave the gifts and move on quickly. 

After the Santa debacle was over, we headed into a room for crafts. Abby got to make her own little reindeer... that died on the way home if I remember correctly. 
 One of my favorite things is the PJCo Christmas Party for the staff and their spouses/significant others. (I like to think my self pretty significant... heh) We go to the Dallas Symphony each year and eat dinner there. It's always such a fantastic time. So many talented people in the show, especially the kids. This is the second year they've had a children's choir in it (since we have started going anyway) and they are SO expressive and fun to watch. Great entertainment. 

 I found a fun little groupon to go to Prairie Lights this year. We let the kids come sit in the front with us as we drove through (at .3mph) They thought it was the coolest thing ever. We also got to walk through Gumdrop Alley and we saw a show put on by... someone.... uhh... It wasn't our favorite. 

 We had a small gathering of friends to celebrate this fantastic woman's birthday! Love this lady. Such a kind, sweet, caring, loving soul. Love my Sarah!
 We got to break in our new fire place. I LOVE having a fire place. Sure, in Texas we use it about 1 month out of the year, but its so warm and cozy. 
 Paul and I headed over to Danielle's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. This girl knows how to throw a party. And Paul knows how to rock a belly sweater. :D

And last but not least, Abby and I fixed our hair. A Christmas miracle! :) Love my silly little girl!

I love December!  

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