Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Little Monster is TWO!

So this big guy turned two this month! Where has the time gone? We had a (not-so-small) gathering of family and those adopted into our family at the park to celebrate Jared's big day! It turned out great and it seemed like everyone had a great time, especially Jared!

Some things I love about this boy
-He is 100% on his own timing. Everything has to be done exactly when he wants to. He is now (FINALLY) talking like crazy and learning new words every day.
-Jared is the sweetest boy and the best little cuddle bug ever. He always finds time to come cuddle with me throughout the day. If I'm running around crazy, he comes and holds his hands up in front of me to make me slow down and hold him.
-Jared LOVES Abby. He is her little shadow. It drives Abby crazy sometimes, but she mostly loves him for it and is a great best friend to him.
-Jared loves Lightning McQueen, Nemo and Dory. If you ask him what movie he wants to watch (of even if you don't ask) he'll let you know he wants Cars or Finding Nemo
-Jared is strong willed. He still has a hard time going to nursery every Sunday. I'm pretty sure 1/4 of our ward is completely annoyed with us and wonders why we even try, but once he gets in there and calms down he does fantastic. (Major shout out to his amazing nursery leaders! I love them so much!)

If Jared could have spent his whole birthday blowing out candles, he totally would. He loves to do that! And now he asks all the time to blow out candles.

I love this boy so much! He makes it easy to want another boy even though I was terrified I'd only have boys since there are so many on the Johnson side. He is such a sweetie pie and makes us laugh constantly with those ridiculous dimples and hilariously infectious laugh.
He'll always be my "Baby J"! Please stop growing up so fast!

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Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Those videos of your kids are too cute!
My sil just threw a monster party for her little boy's second birthday as well. I think you did a great job!