Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mystery Baby

Baby #3 is well on its way to joining our growing family! I'm due on March 16th and we are so excited!
The first 12-16 weeks were the usual horrible sickness weeks. Now I'm feeling pretty good, just super tired. I'm 22 weeks today and it's flying by!
We've had multiple sonograms.. The first and second appointments the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler, so we went right over to check out the babe and everything looked great. The same thing happened with Abby's first sonogram! It's been super fun to see the changes in the baby each sonogram. Seriously, it's such a miracle! Heavenly Father knows just what he's doing.
We had a sonogram 3 weeks ago to find out if this babe is a He or a She, but IT didn't want to cooperate. Seriously it was the best sonogram ever. 30 minutes of a little personality shining though. He/she had their hand over the goods most of the time and the rest of the time it would put it's feet straight out and cross it's legs. It was so funny to see! So we go back on Thursday  (TWO DAYS) to try again and see what we find.
(Baby at 19 weeks)

Here is a fun video of when we first told the kids. Jared obviously had no idea what was going on and would much rather just play with his toes, but Abby was way excited! (She had just gotten her hair cut short, so thats why she said her last comment) Crank up the volume and enjoy a glimps into our life with our kiddos!

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