Friday, April 25, 2014

Abby is Fer.

Somehow my big girl and best oldest daughter ever turned 4! Or Fer, as she would say :)
We had a fun little party for Abby at the park (our usual party place) with several family members and a few friends (that are practically family). 


Cake, cookies and gifts galore. A little girls dream!

Of course her friends and family spoiled her with tons and tons of gifts. 

Cousins and friends are the best! Each and every one of them are listed at Abby's best friends in her mind. :)

And just like that she's on her way to 5. The older I get, the faster the time goes. I hope to never forget Abby's sweet spirit and loving heart. She loves Jared and Izzy more than I could ever express. Abby is a fantastic helper and gets very upset if (for some reason) she can't help. I wish I could spend tons more one on one time with this little lady because shes growing and developing so quickly. Abby is a smart little cookie. So smart that I often have to remind myself that shes only 4 (and thats why she does and says some really 4-year-old things still ;)
I'm forever grateful for my first born. She's our guinea  pig in life and she handles it well. Love you sweet Abigail!

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