Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh Pregnancy..
We are well on our way with this pregnancy. 33.5 weeks!! 3.5 more weeks until I start shooing her out. I'm to the point where I frequently think "HOLY CRAP! SHE'S ALMOST HERE!" There are a ton of things I want to get done still... The biggest thing is painting the kids rooms. They have needed it forever but I couldn't decide how I wanted the kids to be 'housed' once this baby gets here. I really would like to paint my entire living/dining/kitchen area but the thought of that makes my body hurt. And then there's the regular ol wash all the baby clothes, blankets, bedding, blah blah blah and set up her room stuff. I should have started weeks ago. 

I'm also to the point in this pregnancy where:
  • I am always super thirsty before bed... and then I have to get up 1.5 million times to use the restroom in the night. 
  • I take a drink of water and it instantly makes me feel like I'm going to wet myself.
  • My left side of my body is always in pain. (It's been like that since 15 weeks or so, but now it makes me want an epidural every second that I'm awake)
  • This little girl shouldn't be moving a ton and yet she is. Thank you, baby, for all the new stretch marks.
  • I finally get comfortable in bed and then all the sudden it's not? 
  • I threaten myself with unisom every night. 
  • I'm convinced this little girl is going to burst out of my stomach at any second. Hopefully someone gets it on video.
  • I'm at 2 week appointments! Whoop! 
  • Acid reflux is at an all-time high. 
  • Abby asks almost daily how this little girl is going to get out of me. (Not explaining that to a 3 year old)
Pictures are mostly prohibited now days but I had to get one with this beautiful lady! She ended up going into labor a few days after this was taken at her baby shower! I can only hope the same happens to me :)  

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Debbie MacDonnell said...

you look fabulous. I'm sorry you're hurting so badly, and all the other "blessings" of being pregnant. it's so worth it in the end....but the "enduring to the end" part sucks! I looked at baby girl and baby boy clothes last night for a little while and got a little more excited. it's a little more "real"!

can't wait to meet this little angel! love you!!!