Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paul's Graduation & Party

I cant believe I forgot to blog about Pauls graduation! This man worked so hard for this and I am so proud of him! It took a longer that he (we) would have liked, but he did it! He graduated on Mother's Day 2013

I threw a party for him the day before graduation because of his graduation being on Mother's Day. It was way fun and he got to play with his new grill to cook for everyone :)

Unless you/your spouse has gone to school with 2 kids at home (these were pre-Izzy days ;) AND worked ridiculously full time hours at work a long with holding a church calling-- you really wont get the full grasp of this accomplishment. Paul's a rock star and we are so very proud of him! 
Currently (a year later) Paul is taking the last few classes he needs to sit for his CPA. He'll be done with those classes in 3 semesters and then a year or two later he will have his CPA! Can't wait. Love you, hunny!

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