Thursday, June 19, 2014

Izzy's Baby Shower(S)

 TWO BABY SHOWERS! Yes, I'm totally and completely spoiled. The first was thrown by Lindsey and Christie, some really wonderful friends from my ward. They gathered up a few people and took me out to Texas Roadhouse. Really, that's the easiest way to get into my heart. I have a deep love for that place.
That night was so, so fun. I love all these ladies! 

My 2nd shower was thrown by the best friends I could ever ask for. We've all been such good friends for so long! They've helped me through my crazy times and been right by me for some of the happiest times. And they understand my undying love for burlap and lace <3 p="">

 I mean, really. ^This banner is hanging in Izzy's room. It reminds me every time I go in there of my wonderful lady friends!
 Cake, fruits, veggies, Mrs. Karen's wonderful chicken salad and Danielle's to-die-for oreo balls! Can life get any better?
 Mrs. Karen also made this adorable "I" for Izzy. It's also in her room. I love it!
I was completely spoiled by my friends and family. It was so sweet of all of them! My sisters, sister in law and mom also helped out with the shower and that was too sweet of them!
These are they. Stacie, Karen, Sarah and Danielle. They complete me. 
Especially with their awkward hands....

My MIL, SILs, Sisters and Mom

Two very special nights before my life was turned upside down by three kiddos ;) I'm so very grateful for each one of these ladies who took time out of their ridiculously busy schedules and lives to show their love for me and my sweet Isabelle! 

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