Saturday, August 16, 2008


People who know me:

  1. Know I'm definitely a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl.

  2. Know that I love to hang out with friends... all the time.

  3. Know I don't really like school and never have.

  4. Know I don't want kids for a very long time!

I've been thinking about people who've known me my whole life and what they know about me. All these things are... well... were true. It's funny how things can change..

Now I know:

  1. I'm still definitely a jeans and T-shirt girl. (That I don't think will ever change)

  2. I do love to hang out with friends still, but it doesn't kill me to stay home. I actually enjoy it better. I love to spend time with Paul and get to know him even more each day. It's funny how much we don't know about each other and yet we've known each other for so long!

  3. I still don't like school very much, but I'm excited to start up this semester in a week and a half. I really want to be done with it... But the best/worst (depending on how you look at it) part is, now I live with my biggest distraction :)

  4. Kids... NO! ...Right? Well... not so much anymore. I do get very baby hungry on Sundays and sometimes throughout the week. Still no plan for kids for the next year at least, but it's crazy how it's okay now. Really, I used to be so against having kids. Now, mom: this doesn't mean I will have as many as you want! .. I'm not a factory!

I used to hate change.. But Now I love it. I can't wait to grow and explore and see and do with my (our) lives. It's so exciting to be able to decided on when we're going to go on vacation, or, weird as it is, how many kids we will have (dun dun dunnn). And it's all very scary. We're still learning how to lean on each other and not so much on our families. We're still trying to figure out this whole married thing. At times it's tough and weird but... it's okay.
I love life. I love standing on my own to feet with my husband hand in hand with me. And I love, absolutely love, being married for time and all eternity.


Anonymous said...
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themacdonnells said...

All it takes is the right guy and the future changes in the blink of an eye and it's the most amazing change. Kids just seem to fit in the plans when you have the right daddy for them. :) You guys are doing such a great job and I'm so happy that you are so blissfully happy! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Chelsea said...

You are a great example to me, i hope you know that!! you guys are doing great, it was really fun to be in the temple with you guys! And when its the right time for kids, you will know!! Love you!!!

mom said...

I love that you are so happy...even when things are a bit difficult, if you can always remember that the growing and learning and struggling part...that's why were are here! If you don't fight against the learning and growing, you learn much faster, and I believe, better. And yes, I love that you have decided you aren't totally opposed to having kids! I have no set idea of how many you "should" have. What I fear is for any of my children to make a decision based on what they think they can handle "now". You'll grow and learn soooo much over the next few years. Don't limit yourself. Don't make decisions you might regret. So...leave the door open for say...nine or ten. Kidding....just kidding....

Although, if anyone could handle ten kids, it's you and Paully! love you both tons,