Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday's and Great Laughs :)

This is Emma's 2nd birthday party with her cousin Clara. They are very, very adorable little girls! It was fun to see them open gifts. Emma only wanted Clara's.. ha

Meet Theron.. One of my very adorable, highly energetic nephews. Today, he was our free entertainment at my moms house. We were there for dinner and after he just got this idea of being a rock star. He is very much a boy. Before this, we were playing baseball... but with an imaginary baseball because we were in the house. He would run and slide and get all pumped up. It was very very fun.

(Sorry, I cut off the camera right in mid stage dive.. My bad..)


themacdonnells said...

MAN!!!! I have cute kids!

Johnsons said...

Oh my heck... What a little rock star... so cute!