Sunday, September 7, 2008

Park City

Paul and I were able to go to Park City on Thursday (very early) in the morning. Paul had a convention to go to for World Financial so we thought it'd be fun and smart to go! We had a blast. The plane ride up there was early, but fun. We started driving back yesterday and got home at about 3 today.

This is our room at the Marriott Hotel It had two french doors that led out to the indoor pool and courtyard. We didn't use either of the places, but it sure was nice to look at!

This was on the way to the Alpine Slide and Coaster. It's just a ton of shoes in a big tree. I don't know why they were there, but it looked cool!

This is the Alpine slide. You take the Ski lift all the way up and slide down on this bob sled type thing. It was a blast. You can control your speed and race one other person. A guy we were with totally tipped and skinned up his arm and leg pretty badly.

Another picture of the Alpine slide. I didn't get a picture of the coaster. You sit in this cart and it takes you all the way up the mountain then you go down and get to control your speed and everything. It was way, way fun.

I totally fell in love with the mountains.. and weather. Don't be surprised if we move! :)

The convention was really really good too. It was really great to sit there and listen to these successful guys who, the majority of them, were LDS. It was wonderful to hear how this job goes a long with the church standards so well and also about their success and how it happened. I believe there's another one in January, so I bet we'll go to that one too!
We had a wonderful weekend and made a ton of new friends. Everyone was great, nice and motivational to kick off the business. I'm so glad we got to go!

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