Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dentist anyone?

This morning I went to the dentist at 7:30. I thought for sure I had a million cavities and the dentist would say "Lets just pull them all and do dentures!!" I planned on getting a couple teeth filled and then go back to get the rest done. When the dentist got in there he said I had one cavity. ONE? Seriously.. I thought I had 5. But I do have to get a root canal on a tooth and my wisdom teeth out and he said I'd be a good candidate for braces.
You usually get your wisdom teeth out and braces before you graduate high school. I'm a little late on some things.
Oh well.
Paul's quitting his job to go work at P&J Co. That's why I'm getting all the work done and using insurance I've never gotten to use.

Tonight is Chelsea Johnson's wedding shower. I'm sure that'll be fun! She's getting married on Saturday!

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