Friday, December 18, 2009

More Pictures From Abby's Shower!

I just wanted to share a few more pictures. They are in no particular order... And there's tons more then this, but for those who weren't there, this is pretty good idea of what went on!

Liz made this super cute center piece for the shower. It's a diaper cake with all kinds of goodies on it that will for sure come in handy. I really don't want to take it apart, but I'm sure it will come apart little by little.
Opening the plethora of generous gifts from loved ones...
My boss gave me these cute shoes.. I love baby shoes!

We got lots of snuggly blankets! I love them all.
Also, tons of bibs. I believe these ones are water proof. Pretty sweet and handy (and cute!)
I think this one is a diaper wipe holder that Debbie Ayers made a long with a super cute quilt. I got two of these custom wipe cases. One from Debbie, one from Tauna.

Chelsea made this blanket for me a long with a super cute quilt. She posted some really good pictures of the quilt on her blog ( ). She did a really amazing job on it.

My wonderful mom purchased this ridiculously expensive bedding for Abby's crib. I registered for it, but it was so expensive that I actually went online to cancel it out and just go with one way cheaper that I really didn't like so much. When I went to cancel it on Babys R Us website, it was already bought! It's super cute though and I'm so glad Abigail has it for her room!

That's all the pictures from the shower that I'll share on here. I don't want to bore everyone with my fun moments :) Thanks again to all my wonderful sisters (including Heather:) and mother for making this happen. It was so much fun and we got so many good things to start a new era in our life!

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Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your baby shower.