Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessions of an Unbalanced Women- 4

  1. I borrowed the book "Confessions of an Unbalanced Women" from my SIL, and haven't started reading it yet.
  2. I haven't blogged about our anniversary, which makes me lame, but I want to get a cute picture of Paul and I together first. And we n.e.v.e.r. take pictures together... so don't hold your breath.
  3. I facebook stock people. Sometimes people I don't know. But I think it's fun. So make your facebook private if you don't want creepers like me comin' round.
  4. I've lost 10 lbs in the last few weeks. Too bad it I can't even tell where it's falling off! Lame.
  5. I told Paul if he didn't want pizza for a 2nd night in a row, he would have to take me to Carl's Jr tonight. Guess what? We aren't having pizza for a 2nd night in a row.... :)
  6. I really don't like to be outside. Like at all. I get too hot too fast and it's just miserable. Why do I live in Texas? Family. And Paul's still in school. Hello Summer...
  7. I cleaned my bathroom last week for the 2nd time since we moved here. And we moved here on Halloween of last year. Disgusting, huh? We have two bathrooms though, and no one sees ours. Thank goodness. Paul probably thinks I hired someone.
  8. I got a piano from my mom, but it has broken keys. I wish I could get it fixed so badly so I could teach myself a little more. I took a class in high school that taught me a little, and if I sit down long enough I can play a whole song... But I really just want this piano to work. I think it's beautiful. It was part of the plan to fix it with some of our tax return money... but then we bought a car.
  9. Paul's little brother, Jordan, is on a mission in NY. I want to go pick him up. It's been a life long dream of mine to go to that rat filled city and explore. I always said I'd do it before I got married... I should have told Paul to send me to NY before I would marry him. Good thinkin', Marls.
  10. I've never been a decorator, but I've been watching the Nate Berkus Show lately, and now I know I want my room to be light blue with a white comforter and a new bed frame thats also white and distressed looking. Cottage looking, you know? To go with our house with the white picket fence...(in 30 years) Paul's trying to sweet talk my FIL to make it. Hopefully he gets really sweet with his talkin.


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i just caught up on your bloggin, i laugh everytime!! i love your confessions i love it!! im sorry abby has been hard especially with the whole ear infection thing!! and her party looked awesome. your list of what she does now is so similar to asher, they could be best buds!!