Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sweetest Boy I Ever Did See

My sweet baby is ONE! It makes me so sad to say that. I don't know what it is about my kids getting older that makes me so sad because I love them more (almost) every day! 
Jared is such a sweetie. He has dimples to melt your soul and and belly laugh that will make even the grumpiest person smile. 
Some fun things about Jared:
  • He has 5 teeth now! The last one just came in after his birthday. Yay for slow, painful teeth! :/
  • He weighs 21 lbs..... aaand that's all I can remember.. (moty)
  • He walks! He thinks it's so fun to walk around with a toy/phone/remote control in hand. He walks best when he isn't walking towards someone who is cheering him on. Otherwise, he gets too excited and biffs it. :)
  • He says mama, dada and makes a variety of other vowel sounds trying to say other things. He also is an expert in the language of Caveman. 
  • Jared has a teeny temper tantrum that makes me laugh. His sad faces are the saddest and it's so hard to resist scooping him up and kissing his face! 
  • He LOVES his mommy and daddy. I love this so much. If either one of us are gone for more than a couple hours, he is SO excited to see us when we come back. 
  • Best of all, he loves Abby to death. He's her little shadow. He lets her tackle him (if he is well rested), love on him, tickle him... If she wants to play with him, he will play any game she wants. 
We are so blessed to have Jared in our family! I can't imagine our family without this crazy kid. 


Debbie MacDonnell said...

I have to say I agree with every word you wrote. He IS the sweetest, love, love those dimples...and his laugh. But you forgot one thing....he loves his Nana too!!! ;)

Danielle said...

cutest boy ever! can't believe he's getting so big!!!

(where are pics of his bday, moty?)

Anonymous said...

I can come and get him any time...
Love you guys

Mommy B said...

Super cute pics. I'm jealous... Today I tried to get a picture taken with Caleb and he attacked my face. Literally!

Can't believe he's one and hasn't been to Illinois yet. Get on that. :)