Friday, June 20, 2014

1 Month

 Isabelle Claire at 1 month. 
Izzy had a 6 day visit to the doctor where she weighed in a 7 lbs 11 oz (1 oz away from her birth weight) (55%)
Her height was 20 1/2 in (90%) and her head was 14" (90%) 
Then she had a 2 week visit where she was 8 lbs 10 oz. (75%)

The first month was a roller coaster. I was trying so hard to nurse her but he little gal was just hard. What is it with my girls being so hard to nurse? So I nursed her for about 3 weeks and gave up. I'm still no so happy that I gave up... mostly because formula is so. dang. expensive. I know Izzy will be just as healthy and strong as any other nursed baby so I don't worry about that at all. 
Izzy slept so much the first month of her life. And her big sister, Abby, was (and is) completely obsessed with her. Izzy was never ever laid down. Everyone wanted to hold her all the time ::)
 Izzy and Abby. They are going to be quite the pair when they grow up. Abby, like I mentioned earlier, loves to hold, feed and help Izzy in any way. One day I was cooking dinner and Izzy just wasn't having it. She was screaming her little head off. Abby was holding her and then all the sudden Izzy stopped crying. I walked over to find this....

Abby had thrown Izzy up on her shoulder and Izzy calmed right down (and maybe fell asleep? I can't remember). It was so incredibly sweet/scary. I couldn't believe my 4 year old knew just what to do to calm my 3 week old down. Such a sweet little mommy.

And here are Izzy and Dean! Born one week apart. I LOVE that my kids have cousins so close together. I wish these two were a little bit further apart just because I wasn't able to help out Chelsea like she's always helped out me. Dean is her sweet little #5 and so incredibly sweet. 

The first month wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a HUGE relief to not nurse anymore and I really truly think that that's why it was an easier transition. Nursing has never been an easy thing for me and to take that huge stress away when I had two very young kids still needing so much for me was a great relief. 
Up next? Month #2 :)

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